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All Videos written, directed and edited by Adam Ritz, with various and important collaboration along the way.

Vimmerse 3D Video Conversion Promo Spot
Vimmerse 3D Video for Editors
Wedding Video Editing Sample
Vertical Promo Samples
Sosana reads YOU ARE HERE - Great Works of Literature by Girls in their Underwear
Real Time Motorcycle Light Test, CYRON Motor
Financial Services Social Media Content
Monxter Trampoline Spot
Cannabis Patient Testimonial - Weedworld TV
True Tales  of Cannabis Help - Sailene Ossman
Play Video
The Laundry Room Promo
EBTH Spec Spot - Winner, Grand Prize, EBTH Short Film Festival
Marcy Fitness Equipment Product Videos
How to Map a Tree

Classified Field Test - Killer Range

Afterglow Wireless Universal Headset

Promo Spot

Blind Taste Test

Afterglow Wireless Universal Headset

Brother Vs Brother

Afterglow Universal Gaming Headset

Promo Spot

How To Connect Your Wireless Headset - PDP.COM

Wedding Video

Introduction to the event

PDP Afterglow Headset



Mortal Kombat Tournament, Las Vegas.

PSA spec

Suicide Prevention Center

Always Say Goodbye

DVD Release Trailer

Gotality Fitness Mobile App

Promo Spot

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Joe

La Brea Chevrolet

Broadcast :30 Spot

The Space Tracking and Surveillance System

Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems

Internal Pentagon Progress Video

The Redondo Beach Lobster Festival

Broadcast :30 Spot

© Adam Ritz. All rights reserved.

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