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Neither an Indiana Disc Jockey nor a Professor of Physics and Astronomy, both possible Google results, Adam Ritz is a professional Photographer in Los Angeles.

As an L.A. native, he understands innately the importance of the visual image.  As he puts it, Los Angeles is a town "built on tricks of light", and he looks for those tricks to be about something beautiful, interesting or human.  All three, he says, and you're on the road to something special.
With a "have gun will travel" mentality, Adam will shoot anything, but he specializes in two areas, Actors and Products.  Please, no jokes.
"Actors are great, and I include models in that category, because they can be alive, and inspirational in that life, and if I can capture that, that's fantastic.  I love shooting fashion and headshots (or is it head shots?), working with people and portraits, that's the most fun.  But stuff, products and things, are just cool.  I love spending time looking at the detail of something that through the normal course of the day we don't really look twice at.  I like trying to beautify the mundane.

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